Mark Alexander in Berlin on Youtube (part1/2)

Part 1 of film presented by Andrew Graham-Dixon.

“The child, the egotist, the king, have this in common. They think the world revolves around them, and them alone. The boy is made to confront the falseness of this proposition in the very forms of his realisation. He is not one, but many. He is an image multiplied, in red and blue and other colours. In one of these likenesses, a pale and faded silver, the paint has run in such a way as to give him a bloodied nose.

To be alone in with these images is to be in a room full of fallen gods. Each is lost in contemplation of his own mirror-likeness, startled by the presence of another – others – just like himself.

Why did the artist create these pictures? Perhaps he did it as a way of waking himself up forever from all those old, sad, dangerous legends. A way of marking his distance from the old illusions, of moving from there to here and trying to embrace reality – whatever that may be.”

Reflections on The Shield of Achilles By Andrew Graham-Dixon

Film Credit:
written and presented by Andrew Graham-Dixon
directed by Patrick Dickinson
produced by Silvia Sacco


Mark Alexander in Berlin

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MEDIA: film

SIZE: duration: 5 min. 30 sec.