The Blacker Gachet (study) (2005)

Oil on copper in artist’s frame
49.5 x 41 cm (framed)

Alexander’s smouldering reinvention of Vincent van Gogh’s poignant portrait of his physician Dr Gachet (which has not been seen in public since its owner, the Japanese businessman Ryoei Saito – who died in 1996 – threatened to be cremated with the post-Impressionist canvas) is a masterclass in black’s enduring capacity to resurrect the spirit of physical loss. The eerie Blacker Gachet (2006) sees the artist’s echoing hand rescue from oblivion every brushstroke of Van Gogh’s original to sculpt a gaze that glows longingly from whatever undiscovered realm lies waiting for us in the great beyond.

- Kelly Grovier, The racist message hidden in a masterpiece BBC Culture, Art/Art History


MEDIA: Oil on copper

SIZE: 49.5 x 41 cm (framed), 43.5 x 35 cm (unframed)

STATUS: private collection


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