Via Negativa I (2008)

Via Negativa exposes a mythtical space where history is suspended and the soul endures, it maps a twilit world where what is transient and what is permanent seems to blur. Via Negativa showcases Alexander’s attitude towards the fragility and invisibility of time.

Alexander has turned his dark alchemy on Van Gogh’s beloved Sunflowers – and converts its affirmation of materiality and autumnal abundance to create thirteen brutal bouquets of vibrating black-and-white ghostliness. Taking their name from a medieval mythtical tradition which found darkness singularly illuminating. Via Negativa reverberates with all the troubled power of a crumpled star. The tarry eruption of each drooping bloom mirror eerily the tragic genius of Van Gogh into an eternal second, while forges a furious beauty all its own.

Alexander’s project is at once ‘post-temporal’, recalibrating man’s relationship to art and time, and unflinchingly personal.


installation views Berlin 2009


MEDIA: Oil on canvas

SIZE: 92.1 x 73 cm PROVENANCE: Private Collection


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