Mark Alexander in Berlin on Youtube (part2/2)

“The history of art is the history of disillusionment. With the sunflower, Vincent Van Gogh completes the process. Painting in an age that no longer believed in kings and that struggled to believe in God, he made the sunflower the emblem of his own deepest desire – the desire to be able to believe in God and good and the bright dream of a life lived, among the blessed, forever. Van Gogh had been a preacher, but towards the end of his short life he could only think of himself as a sunflower, always turning to the light, or trying to. But he painted dead sunflowers too, dried up and shrivelled: sunflowers unable to follow the sun.”

Reflections on The Shield of Achilles by Andrew Graham-Dixon

Film Credit:
written and presented by Andrew Graham-Dixon,
directed by Patrick Dickinson
produced by SIlvia Sacco


Mark Alexander in Berlin

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MEDIA: film

SIZE: duration: 8 min. 58 sec.