Credo II at BOZAR Brussels

Hotel Beethoven
13th Oct. 2020 – 17th Jan. 2021
Bozar Brussels

Credo in the group exhibition; Hotel Beethoven at BOZAR Brussels

250 years after his birth, Ludwig van Beethoven is more than ever an icon. In the midst of all the celebrations to mark his birthday, BOZAR opens the doors of the HOTEL BEETHOVEN. This exhibition about the composer, his music and his ideas will look at how Beethoven remains relevant to us today. An exceptional musical innovator, he also provides a springboard for questions about the democratic and physical power of sound. How can we listen with our bodies when hearing is not an option? If art can change the way in which we see the world, can it also change the way in which we listen? How do visual artists translate sounds and music into images, movements and lines?
From popular culture to conceptual art, from 1770 to 2020, including manuscripts and instruments alongside work by artists such as Antoine Bourdelle, Andy Warhol, Katie Paterson and John Baldessari, HOTEL BEETHOVEN is a time-travelling musical mix of different eras and points of view.
So put down your suitcase and stop for a while to meet people, art and ideas from all over the world around a universal icon. Welcome to HOTEL BEETHOVEN.

Exhibition organized in collaboration with the Bundeskunsthalle Bonn in the framework of the German Presidency of the Council of the European Union and the commemoration year BTHVN 2020. Funded by the German Minister of State for Culture and the Media.


BOZAR Brussels