Based on ancient Minoan design. Cryptically christened simply Shield, the work sprawls as a culmination of Alexander’s post-temporal realignment of the coordinates of tradition and time.

Shield Is Alexander’s first large-scale sculpture, consisting of five identical rings (190 cm in diameter) made of Cor-ten steel, popularly known as weathering steel for its capacity to weather effectively. Once wet, it will quickly form a characteristic impervious layer of rust on its surface, which protects the steel below from further corrosion. Typically the rust starts the tone of iron oxide, a rich orange-brown which over time develops into a deep burgundy-blueish-purple hue. Cor-ten steel is a high-tensile alloy, heavier than normal steel. The total weight so all five rings is approximately eleven tons. Due to the level of precision required for this project, technical machinery from the aerodynamic industry had to be employed.


Blacker Gold/Mark Alexander, Solo Exhibition, Haunch of Venison Gallery, Berlin

  • Corten steel
  • 190 cm in diameter
  • 2008