Pen and ink drawing by Mark Alexander; ethereal figure with curly hair spreads arms amidst textured background.
Pen and ink art by Mark Alexander; abstract horses on a textured grid backdrop with subtle shading.
Mark Alexander's pen and ink art: supine figure in a cave with wavy patterns and a sketched old radio above.
Mark Alexander's pen and ink art: Deer sips from cave pool, faint outline of 'Creation of Adam' above.
Mark Alexander pen and ink: Deer by water in cave, intricate grid shading with faint overhead figures.
Mark Alexander's pen and ink drawing: Buff figure pushes against cave wall, sunlight beams to his left.
Mark Alexander's pen and ink depiction: Unearthly, shadowy figure sketches on a cave wall.
Mark Alexander's ink sketch: Two giraffes amid patterned background with repeating handprints.
Mark Alexander's ink drawing: Horse nestled within textured cave, intricate shading and detail.
Mark Alexander's ink artwork: Young boy standing contemplatively in a textured cave.
Mark Alexander's artwork: Elderly knight in shadows of a cave, narrowly missed by a beam of light.
Pen and ink by Mark Alexander: Elephant with flower in trunk leans over cave edge, reaching for sketched mouse.
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