A goldfinch on a pencil drawn tree or plant.
Mark Alexander's oil painting depicts a mannequin pointing to a goldfish on a terracotta-hued canvas.
Mark Alexander's oil painting showcases a monochromatic face with a contrasting textured lace collar.
Mark Alexander's oil painting depicts a figure in a reflective suit and helmet against a tan backdrop.
Minimalistic paintings of a group of animals on plain beige background featuring elephants, cows and goats amongst others.
Two shop dummies with one touching the other intimately on the back sitting against a minimalistic beige background.
Painted image of wooden religious figure in deep anguish on minimalistic background.
Gold showroom dummy in yellow, sheer underwear.
Bald, well-dressed figure seemingly admiring himself in mirror.
Mannequin in black bathing suit with a minimalistic beige background.
Sleek mannequin in a black dress seated with white ankle boots against a beige backdrop featuring a simple drawn figure.
Black showroom dummy torso hung on stand.
Bronzed torso in column with sun rising behind.
Mark Alexander's oil painting showcases a bronze bust of a man against a tan background, with a sun above.
Minimalist reddish-beige art with photorealistic wooden man's face on a tripod
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