Wrestling with Angels

Dreamt of in childhood, a great golden sun with an unhappy face in its center – the mask of Louis XIV. Seen at the age of 8, never forgotten, this work occupied the artist from childhood until 2016. It had many incarnations: the Victory series, Shields of Achilles, and finally Wrestling with Angels. All of the works were based on a model the artist made in 2000 of a golden flaming sun, with his own childlike face looking out from its center, looking absolutely lost and forgotten. The volumistic proportions of the sun and the illusion of beaten gold fade as you get closer, disappointing the whole historical history of such endeavors, calling into question, as it was all just an illusion. Some of the most successful versions were the Shields of Achilles series, screen printed in oil paint; the dots seem to emphasize the pixilation of history, rather than the weight of history, which is now only a pixel deep.


Mark Alexander Wrestling with Angels, Gemäldegalerie, Berlin 2016

Wrestling with Edges, Frame Blog : Interview with Mark Alexander

  • Oil on canvas
  • 210 x 177 cm
  • 2016
Exhibition view of Mark Alexander's Golden Wonder painting. Set in between two Dutch old masters in Gemaldegalerie, Berlin.