The Icarus Stain

The Icarus Stain is the final painting in a series of works spanning almost two decades. The theme of this work has been a dialogue between the struggle to find meaning as a human and as an artist, in a world where belief is unstable and meaning is mercurial. This struggle is crystallised in acts comprising a series of almost mystical self-portraits with the Sun as its central theme.

The project has had various incarnations:

The Victory Series (2005), The Shield of Achilles (2008), and Wrestling With Angels (2016). Wrestling With Angels was shown in The Gemaldegalerie Berlin alongside Rembrandt’s painting of Jacob and the Angel which was the initial spark for the artist’s imagination. A version of the Victory Series was exhibited at the Pompidou Centre Paris earlier this year where it forms part of the permanent collection along with a painting from the Shield of Achilles series.

  • Sand, acrylic on paper; on canvas
  • 2017
  • Private collection
Portrait of young boy made from quartz sand looking sad and alone in gold-leafed frame.